Urban Scarf
Cushendale Woollen Mill

Urban Scarf

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Beautiful Irish lambswool scarf by Cushendale Woollen Mill in subtle shades of beige, cream and peach.

100% lambswool is super soft and easy to wear.

Yarn: Sustainable, single source wool from Galway sheep. 100% lambswool uniquely hank dyed at our mill. A slow and delicate process to create an indulgent softer finish in a bespoke colour palette.

Designed, woven and hand finished at Cushendale mill in Kilkenny, Ireland. Family operated since 1778 with a mill being operated in that location for even longer - since 1204.

Size: 180 × 25 cm

Weight: 140g


Lambswool is a very fine soft wool taken from the first sheering of lambs and is much softer and finer than adult sheep's wool. Lambswool products are naturally hypoallergenic and fully breathable, providing a cooling effect in summer and a warmth during the winter. All our lambswool yarns are uniquely hank dyed at our historic mill, a delicate and signature process which enhances the yarn fibres and protects all of the natural softness in a bespoke colour palette.