Bread Proofing Basket
Bread Proofing Basket
Bread Proofing Basket
Bread Proofing Basket

Bread Proofing Basket

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This straw bread rising basket is traditionally used for baking homemade bread.

It will enchant you with its natural beauty and golden hue and is perfect for baking your own bread! The basket is a handy object for every household – you can use it to proof your bread and then to serve a freshly baked, round loaf.

A beautiful, eco-friendly touch to your kitchen. 

One of a kind, woven by hand in Poland.

This basket is from Serfenta - a company who specializes in basketry and supporting the art of basketry and basketmakers. With every purchase you support traditional Polish craft and Basketry Master Mikołaj directly. 

 Baking tip: 

Place a cotton cloth between the bread dough and the basket, just like presented in the photo, or use potato starch.

IMPORTANT! Dry the basket thoroughly if it has contact with water. 

 Material: rye straw, willow or hazel stripes.


The basket is 100% handmade, so the dimensions may vary by 1 or 2 cm.  

Diameter of bottom: 31cm

Diameter of upper edge: 35cm

Height: 8cm

About the Maker:

Basketry Master, Mikołaj Pietruczuk, weaves using a sewing technique. He uses tools such as basketry needles, long rye straw stalks, and willow splints. He cuts, cleans, and prepares the materials by hand – as you can see in this video.