Chamomile and Cedar Large Candle
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Chamomile and Cedar Large Candle

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Chamomile & Cedar Large Candle

The soft, floral top notes of soothing chamomile, lily, bergamot, and lavender are combined with a deep, complex base of cedarwood, sandalwood, patchouli, and tonka to create a rich and luxurious scent.

Scent info:

The unique properties of chamomile have been linked to relaxation and reducing anxiety for centuries. A cup of chamomile tea to wind down after a long day is a no brainer. Why not also fill your home with it's indulgent fragrance. This is Skye Candles newest scent! Relaxation never felt this luxurious.  

Large Tumblers:

The large tumbler combines a strong scent throw with a long burn time.

It will fill all but the biggest of rooms with fragrance and will burn over 45 hours. 

100% Soy-Wax in a black opaque glass tumbler with wooden lid

Hand-Poured in the Isle of Skye, Scotland