Cedar Soap Tray
Zero Waste MVMT

Cedar Soap Tray

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Red cedar soap trays are a beautiful and practical addition to your kitchen, bathroom or shower! They are handcrafted from natural red cedar which is known for its aromatic properties and gives off a subtle, relaxing, spa-like smell.

Another benefit to why red cedar is so amazing is its natural resistance to mildew, mould, rot, and warping. This makes it the perfect material to use for soap trays! Grooves are cut into the wood to allow for proper water drainage, prolonging the life of your bar soap.

The trays can also be used in you drawers and closets to naturally ward-off moths and keep your clothes damage-free!

Since each tray is handmade they are all unique in shape, colour, wood grain and have slight variations in size and colour.


Zero Waste MVMT is a Canadian company from Winnipeg, Manitoba. All their products are designed to help you reduce waste in an economic and eco-friendly way! They ship to croft using only compostable and recyclable materials and plant a tree with every purchase.