Vintage-Inspired Stoneware Vase
Soft Fire Ceramics

Vintage-Inspired Stoneware Vase

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Vintage-Inspired Stoneware Vase 

This multi-purpose vessel by Soft Fire Ceramics is inspired by the shapes found in antique crocks and vintage french mustard jars. 

A hand-carved vase with brown glazed rim.


The perfect size for smaller floral arrangements, as small crocks to hold utensils/dish brushes, tooth brushes, or even pens/pencils for your desk.

Each vase is intended to be a little bit different in size and shape so that they provide visual interest when grouped. While the same amount of clay is used for each, they are thrown “free form” so some will be a little wider/shorter, while others will be a bit narrower/taller.

Vases range between 10cm-12cm in height, with an approximately 5cm (2”) opening at the top.

Made in Erin, Ontario.